Our Experts

Emily Pan

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine


Registered Massage Therapist

Registered Acupuncturist



Graduate the First Army Medical University

Born in Four Generations of Medical Family

Multiple Family Secret Herbal Treatment Medicine

Get Clinical Pharmacological test report from China Academy of TCM


Individual natural remedial treatment plan for Acid Reflux Colitis & Crohn’s Disease Constipation & Diarrhea


Digestive Problems (Pediatric) Ear Infections,Stomach, Indigestion problems, Hemorrhoids,Mastitis and Headaches   

Expertise: Women’s Health 

Hormone balance,Menopausal Support (Irregular periods,Vaginal dryness,Hot flashes,Chills,Night sweats,Sleep problems,Mood changes,Weight gain and slowed metabolism,Thinning hair and dry skin,Loss of breast fullness)


Perimenopause Symptoms,Premenstrual Syndrome,Yeast infection,Postpartum Supports,losing weight postpartum(Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back)and Weight control 

Our Therapy Crew

Massage Therapist/Beautician

Expertise: Feet Reflexology, Relax Massage, Facial

Muscle pain or tendonitis (Back/ Neck / Shoulder/ Leg)                 

Cervical spondylopathy 

Knee joint disease (Meniscus injury, osteoarthritis, synovitis, upstairs pain, squatting difficulty)

Acute and chronic ankle sprain

Swelling behind neck

Carpal tunnel syndrome 


Tennis elbow                     Frozen shoulder 

  Fibromyalgia                     Plantar fasciitis

Sciatica nerve                                     Herniated disk 

Lower back pain                  Office symdrome