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For centuries people have relied on nature for their beauty needs, with herbs and essential oils being the answer to dry skin, dull hair, blemishes, and more. 

Healing herbs and essential oils from  gorgeous flower petals make wonderful ingredients in natural skin care products.  You may be surprised at how many of the ingredients are common garden plants, many of which you may even be growing in your garden.

Replacing cosmetic products with homemade skin care can do so much for your overall health and well being.



A walk through the cosmetics aisle of your grocery  can reveal a bewildering array of products promoting the benefits of the botanical ingredients they contain. But many commercial  products touted as "natural" contain synthetic, potentially harmful ingredients. 

However, it’s easy, economical, and in some cases more healthful to make herbal skin- and hair-care products in your own kitchen. By choosing herbs and ingredients recommended for specific skin types or problems, you can easily customize herbal beauty products to improve the health of your skin.

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Essential oils are valuable in so many quite different ways that it’s hard to find a word or even an expression that fully describes what they can do.


They are perhaps best known as a system of healing; but essential oils can also be used throughout the home and workplace to enhance well-being and lifestyle.

Essential oils works as an effective remedy to get rid of many skin problems. With hundreds of oils to choose from, they can treat everything from acne scars to wrinkles, with aromatherapy benefits that create a sense of calm.



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